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Best Practices for CPG Brands to Generate Value Through Influencer Marketing


There are innumerable reasons for consumer distrust of advertising, from ad blockers, to consumer ad fatigue, to ad fraud, but there is one universal solution— influencer marketing.

Today, the consumer-packaged goods industry faces a paradox: demand for CPG goods is robust-with Millennials poised to spend over 65 billion dollars on CPG goods in the next decade- but competition within the space has never been greater, and consumers have never been more difficult to advertise to.

For the modern CPG brand marketer, there is one solution to reigniting the human connection between brand and consumer that has been lost: influencer marketing.

Within our Influencer Marketing Playbook for CPG Marketers, we give you:

  • The Most Common Challenges CPG Brand Marketers Face and How to Solve Them 
  • How to Create an Influencer Content Strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Four CPG Influencer Marketing Case Studies, Including How a Challenger Shampoo Brand Changed the Conversation Using Mega- and Micro-Influencers to Drive a 5x Increase in Net Promoter Score