The State of the Creator Economy:

Trends, Strategies, and the Future

A Webcast By Mavrck

Recorded: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Influencer marketing has evolved over the last decade to go beyond just the mechanics of working with influencers and creators on sponsored content and to encompass the entire ecosystem that fuels creators, social channels, and commerce. Whether we like it or not, the creator economy has changed the way we consume content and make purchase decisions. With the industry estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, it’s become table stakes for many consumer brands to be active participants.

For marketers, there are still challenges in how to best manage their creator strategies. However, the opportunities of the creator economy can help brands unlock ROI and shape the future of the creator economy.

Join us as Mavrck CEO, Lyle Stevens sits down with featured speaker and Forrester principal analyst, Kelsey Chickering to discuss the following:

  • The current state of the creator economy in 2023
  • The difference between creators and influencers, and why it matters to brands
  • Challenges faced by brands and creators and how to overcome them
  • The future of the creator economy and what we can look forward to

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Kelsey is a principal analyst at Forrester, focused on media as it relates to marketing strategy. She brings strategic thinking grounded in a deep understanding of the media and advertising ecosystem to clients. Her research uncovers best practices, emerging trends, and critical shifts in consumer behavior that impact how brands should behave in an ever-evolving media landscape. Her consumer-first thinking is underpinned by a communications planning backbone, emphasizing the interplay between media touchpoints across the consumer journey that work together to drive growth for B2C marketing executives.

Lyle Stevens is co-founder and CEO of Mavrck, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands to harness the power of social proof that consumers trust today. Under his leadership, Mavrck has tripled revenue over the last three years, has been named an industry leader by Forrester and the number one influencer marketing platform for the enterprise by more than 200 brands on G2. The company has raised $275M in venture capital, including a recent investment by Summit Partners, and its culture named "Top Company Cultures Among Small Companies" by Entrepreneur. Prior to Mavrck, Lyle was a cybersecurity product manager at aerospace company Raytheon, managing internal social networking and identity services platforms. He is a graduate of Raytheon’s Leadership Development Program and the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, where he paid his way through school as a deejay and was honored as a 2009 member of the Northeastern University Huntington 100.

Rachael Cihlar is the VP of Mavrck’s Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence with over 10 years of experience in the influencer and social media industry. She leads content marketing and thought leadership at Mavrck - creating resources, best practices, and custom strategies for customers growing their influencer marketing practice. Prior to Mavrck, Rachael led social strategy at agencies and other adtech and influencer marketing software companies in Colorado.


Mavrck is the all-in-one, advanced influencer marketing platform enabling enterprise consumer brands to harness the power of social proof that consumers trust today. Marketers use Mavrck to discover and collaborate with influencers to create trusted content at scale. Mavrck is the #1 influencer marketing platform for the Enterprise on software review site G2, and was also named a “Leader” in Forrester’s evaluation, The Forrester New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions, Q2 2020.