In an increasingly crowded social scape, marketers are scrambling to maintain and nurture the human connection that has been lost through the filter of technology.

There are innumerable reasons for consumer distrust of advertising, from ad blockers, to consumer ad fatigue, to ad fraud, but there is one universal solution— influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing harnesses the power of human connection within the social media climate so that word-of-mouth marketing can finally be a scalable strategy for brands. The industry has exploded in the last two years, with 80% of marketers currently using an influencer strategy to drive their business objectives.

Within our State of Influencer Marketing eBook, we provide you several key takeaways:

  • Reasons for Hyper Growth of the Industry
  • The Spectrum of Social Influencers
  • The Explosion of Influencer Platforms
  • Survey Data and Results
  • Influencer Use Cases

We surveyed 64 marketing executives (director-level or higher) to get their take on the status of the influencer industry. The consensus? Influencer marketing is cost effective, scalable, and effective for their brands.