Rise of the Micro-Influencers

Today, brands compete for shrinking advertising space on relevant social channels, while consumer distrust of ads and the subsequent rise of ad-blockers are both at an all time high. With 83% of consumers trusting and acting on recommendations from friends & family, it's time to return to basics: we need to create marketing that people trust. 

Luckily, not all of your customers are created equal: some possess more social capital than others, and are able to engage and influence their friends around specific topics. It’s no secret that word-of-mouth has always been an effective marketing strategy, but it was hard to scale on social-until now. 

Micro-influencers are your existing customers with brand-relevant influence, who have between 500-5k friends on social media and are able to influence the purchase decisions of their friends across social channels.

This white paper provides an introduction to the micro-influencer category of influencer marketing, and discusses its importance in a world defined by technology but powered by human connection. It includes:

  • How to define micro-influencers
  • How the ROI of a micro-influencer strategy compares to paid social and other influencer marketing tactics 
  • 9 examples of potential micro-influencer KPI's for your brand
  • 8 ways to incentivize micro-influencers without exchanging money
  • 6 use cases of brands who have used a micro-influencer strategy to reach their business objectives