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Accelerating Trust & Transparency in the Customer Journey Through Influencer-Generated Content

Despite the fact that consumers and marketers have embraced mobile technology and social media for over a decade – most corporate leaders do not feel urgency to compete differently.

This is a huge problem.  

From product reviews to influencer recommendations, content created by consumers is the new currency of transparency and consumer trust. And it’s critical to keeping (and gaining) market share in 2018.

To understand how this works and how to adapt, you need to look no further than Amazon. Amazon is as much a bonafide, self-sustaining word-of-mouth ecosystem as it is an e-commerce powerhouse – and it's a strategy that every brand can replicate. 

In this third playbook of our Influencer Marketing & Relations in 2018 series, we share the strategy and tools needed to evolve your marketing strategy, including: 

  • How to adapt to a shortened customer decision journey
  • 5 things every brand can learn about influencer marketing from Amazon 
  • How IGC and UGC to accelerate the path-to-purchase 
  • Templates to develop an influence-led communications  road map, editorial calendar and influencer-generated content briefs 
  • Readiness checklist & case studies to share with the C-suite


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