Novelty brand increases brand awareness and product trials for existing campaign. 

“The program helped Yasso build significant awareness through the key summer months. MAVRCK gives the perfect mix of incentive-based programming and key influencer messaging, providing a positive consumer experience.”

-Mike Watts, Director of Marketing, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

Yasso is one of the fastest growing novelty brands in the country. Part of their marketing tactics includes coupon campaigns to increase brand awareness and product trials. During crucial summer months, Yasso turned to MAVRCK to vamp up awareness through MAVRCK's Facebook Influencer Activation. 

favicon_mavrck 1,000 Influencers Activated

favicon_mavrck 12,088 Engagements on Influencer Created Posts

favicon_mavrck 15,000+ Coupons Downloaded

favicon_mavrck 6,455 Purchases Driven 

mavrck case study yasso frozen greek yogurt