Not All Social Networks Are Created Equal. 

Successful influencer marketing activation and execution not only includes the type(s) of influencers you're working with, but the social networks they're engaging on to impact your target audience. 

Social media networks have become a critical touchpoint for your customers interact with their friends, and increasingly, with their favorite brands. But not all social networks are created equal.

Just as an influencer's ability to influence their audience varies per social network, each social network varies in terms of feed algorithm, content structure, post lifecycle, social relationship strength, and search signals – each playing a significant role in the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns. The dynamic nature of each can make your influencer marketing campaigns feel more like a "choose your own adventure" story, rather than the scientific method. 

Our Top Social Networks for Influencer Marketing ebook is your social media playbook for influencer marketing success. Download to learn: 

  • The Top 8 Social Networks for Influencer Marketing, Ranked
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