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See How Old Spice Amplified its 'Hardest Working' Campaign Using Advocates


Men’s grooming and personal care is among the fastest-growing categories in the beauty industry, estimated to generate $21.4 billion in revenue during 2016 globally. 

With this demand, Old Spice, the leading men’s anti-perspirant, deodorant and body wash brand, decided to go back to its performance roots with the launch of its latest “Hardest Working” Collection.

To amplify the launch of this campaign, Old Spice decided to activate influential consumer advocates as the driving force behind its promotion of the ‘Hardest Working’ Collection. Leveraging Mavrck’s influencer marketing platform, we activated relevant audiences of Old Spice advocates to create and amplify branded content to generate awareness and engagement among the target demo (men, 18-40). Friends and followers of the micro-influencers activated were directed to the 'Hardest Working' Collection and, where they could purchase the product. 

Delivering over 2k posts, 14k engagements and 4.5M impressions during the course of the 6-week campaign, advocates drove compelling user-generated content featuring the brand-focused themes Old Spice is known for: boldness, strength and humor. 

Download the case study to learn how Old Spice's micro-influencer army surpassed every one of these KPIs to achieve a #legendary product launch.