How Kraft's Influencer Marketing Program Drove a Double-Digit Lift in Favorability and Intent




As influencer marketing matures, more and more marketers are emphasizing measuring the impact and outcomes of their influencer marketing efforts. While the content of Kraft Heinz’s influencer marketing campaigns were high quality and aligned with their brand messaging, the brand's ability to measure the impact on how the influencer campaigns were affecting their primary marketing metrics - brand awareness, favorability and purchase intent - was limited. 


The Kraft brand team wanted to leverage influencers’ authentic love, experiences, and passion for the brand through a #LoveForKraft campaign on Instagram  — and to ultimately increase brand awareness, favorability and intent. 

The #LoveForKraft Campaign & Brand Lift Study

The campaign, which ran and was analyzed December 2018 through February 2019, involved 46 macro- and micro-influencers promoting their favorite Kraft products on Instagram twice per month. 

Download the case study to discover how:

  1. Kraft executed a tiered influencer marketing strategy to identify top-performing influencers across all brands to promote the Master brand.
  2. Kraft and Group RFZ executed a brand lift study to measure the impact of its #LoveforKraft influencer marketing campaign on brand awareness, favorability and intent.
  3. Exposure to Kraft’s #LoveForKraft influencer campaign had a positive impact on Kraft’s KPIs, specifically helping to drive a 40 point lift in favorability and a 15 point lift in purchase intent among non-Kraft users. 




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