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Your Guide to The Biggest Social Media Trends Impacting Influencer Marketing

The struggle is real. It's hard to stay informed of the latest news and updates coming from the social media space, while also lacking the time and resources necessary for proper implementation into your Influencer Marketing & Relations strategies. 

It's no longer enough rely on the same social media tools that have been around for years. Not only do the majority of social media platforms' algorithms prioritize content that is created through newly-released features, but the space is evolving so quickly that brands who aren't consistently pushing the envelope will be left behind. On contrary, first-movers will, undoubtedly, have an advantage. 

Across the social landscape in Q3 2018, leading social media platforms have released features under three main trends: original video content, creator programs, platforms & partnerships, and interactive experiences with AR. In this report, we identify the platforms paving the way and how influencer marketers can capitalize. Specifically, we cover:

  • IGTV - what it is, how it differs from other platforms' offerings & what's to come
  • YouTube's originals programming & new video measurement solutions
  • Facebook's Branded Content Tool - how to use it & what it means for the industry
  • Snapchat's Programmatic AR Ad Units - what they are & how to incorporate influencers into the content creation & ideation process
  • And more!


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