Influencer Marketing on Pinterest: 10 Reasons Why Influencer Marketers Should Prioritize Pinterest

About This Webinar:

Influencer marketing has gone mainstream on platforms like Instagram, but is a fast-growing whitespace opportunity on Pinterest. With more than 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is among the fastest growing social networks today - and it's growing faster than ever. Recently, Pinterest crossed the 200 million monthly active Pinners milestone 2.5x faster than it took them to reach their 100 million monthly average user milestone. Its platform more closely resembles Google than it does a social feed, and it has completely changed how consumes shop online. 

Abby Katz, Marketing Manager at Mavrck, and Rebecca Dickinson Influencer Marketing Operations Manager at Mavrck, share 10 reasons why influencer marketers should be prioritizing Pinterest in their influencer marketing & relations. You'll learn:

  • The future of Influencer Marketing
  • How Pinterest is different from other social media platforms
  • Pinterest user demographics and how they differ from other social networks
  • How to tell if your brand should be investing more resources into Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is a significant untapped opportunity for Influencer Marketers and how Influencers can help brands with less experience with Pinterest get started 


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About the Speaker:


Abby Katz, Marketing Manager, Mavrck

Abby Katz recently wrote a 25 page playbook on influencer marketing on Pinterest. In the playbook, she discussed why influencer marketers should be prioritizing Pinterest, how to optimize influencer-generated content on Pinterest, how to amplify top performing content, and how to measure and track success on Pinterest. 

Katz graduated from Union College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. 


 Rebecca Dickinson, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager, Mavrck

Rebecca Dickinson is the influencer behind the social media account She Well, which has over 18k followers on Pinterest alone. Dickinson has been using Pinterest since 2012 and claims it has been a "game changer" for her business, driving 75% of her monthly referral traffic. 

Prior to joining Mavrck, Dickinson worked as a Marketing Coordinator at Yelp, where she managed social media and coordinated branded community events.