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How f'real's TikTok Creators Increased Engagement & Sales Lift with GenZ 


However You Make It, Make It #freal 

f’real leaned into its initial organic engagement on TikTok and partnered with Mavrck to better understand the influencer marketing potential behind the rapidly growing, short-form video platform and its expanding Gen Z audience.

Knowing that Gen Z despises ads and with the understanding that trends on TikTok happen moment-by-moment, f'real tasked TikTok's high-energy, self-expressing Creators to further drive brand awareness and integrate f’real into their moments that matter.

In the same way that f'real puts the power in consumers' hands to create sensational smoothies however they want, TikTok uniquely puts the power into their Creators' hands to express themselves. Each campaign was centered around leveraging TikTok’s viral nature and energetic, self-expressive Creators from a wide variety of topics to promote f’real milkshakes and smoothies in fun and unexpected ways.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How a focus on authentic and engaging content grew f’real’s brand awareness
  • How f'real amplified its organic TikTok engagement by recruiting relevant Creators to develop content about f’real from their perspective
  • How f'real's investment in influencer marketing on TikTok contributed to its largest growth in awareness and sales among 13-17 year-olds, and largest increase in sales velocity overall.