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Instagram Influencer Engagement Benchmark Report

The greatest opportunity for inspiring consumer action on Instagram lies in  harnessing the power and efficiency of Instagram influencers who drive high, authentic engagement among their audiences to create compelling branded content.

Our 2018 Instagram IGC Benchmark Report is designed to provide visibility and transparency around influencers’ engagement rates for editorial and branded content across verticals and influencers' personas. As well, in doing so, help marketers to identify the current  trends driving positive audience engagement on Instagram and establish standard benchmarks for performance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Influencers with 1k – 5k followers earned the highest average engagement rates and branded content engagement rates in 2017, at 6.84% and 5.95%, respectively.

  • Influencers with 1k – 10k followers earned the highest engagement rates on branded content with the least difference compared to their  overall editorial average engagement rates.

  • Instagram audiences engaged the most with Retail & Fashion and Food & Beverage IGC.

  • While all influencers who published branded content saw engagement rates increase in 2017, engagement rates for influencers with 50k – 100k followers grew the most, increasing 3.5x over the course of the  year.

  • Instagram platform updates may be directly related to its desire to retain influencers with more than 50k followers who saw the greatest corresponding growth in engagement rate in 2017.