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What is Influencers' Point of View on the State of Influencer Marketing?

Influencers, by definition, have such rich knowledge that not including them at the point of initial campaign research, ideation, strategy, and planning is a significant missed opportunity. As modern marketers struggle to remain influential and trustworthy themselves, not inviting the influencers who are influencing target audiences is lost business insight.

Influencers’ perspectives on the industry are often overlooked. So we surveyed and interviewed 113 micro- and macro-influencers to share what inspires and motivates them to collaborate with brands, which social platforms have the highest influencer affinity (and best features), how marketers are enforcing FTC guidelines, and how marketers can be better partners in the creative process.

Go inside influencers’ perspectives on the current state of the influencer marketing industry in our 2018 Influencer POV Report >> 

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