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Influencer Marketing & Relations Trends in 2018: Integrating Multiple Dimensions of Influence into the Customer Experience (CX)

Marketers are struggling to close the trust gap.

During the last decade, the philosophical ideas of influence and trust, and its practice within marketing, has shifted and continues to morph rapidly due to ever-changing Digital platforms. The content that consumers trust today is content that's created by consumers like them, while trust in corporations, financial institutions and the government is at an all time low. 

2018 is the year marketers will bridge the trust gap between brands and consumers. Within this white paper, we preview how Marketing & Communications leaders can enhance their strategies in 2018 by adopting an integrated influencer marketing mix, and embedding additional, integrated dimensions of influence into select CX touchpoints. We also introduce how this expanded role of Influencer Marketing & Relations can help to mitigate inefficiencies across matrixed Marketing & Communications enterprises, and as a result, elevate the role and importance of Influencer Marketing & Relations practitioners, including:

  • Rethinking Influence at Scale – How Marketers are Closing the Trust Gap
  • How to Design a CX-integrated Influencer Marketing Mix (iMM) 
  •  5-step Roadmap and Checklist to Develop Your 2018 Influencer Marketing & Relations Strategy 


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