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How to Measure Influencers' Creativity and Influencer Marketing ROI

Get our Five-Part Framework for Connecting Influencer Marketing Performance to Business Value

As reliant as marketers continue to become on influencers and consumers for content creation, most struggle to connect influencers’ value with business performance.Influencer marketing  strategies often provide marketers with little clarity or transparency when it comes to influencers’ historical and anticipated brand performance, leaving them to rely on CPM  and CPE values that can be easily manipulated by fraud or gamification. As well, the issue remains that most marketing measurement models in practice today are not able to keep pace with the speed of consumers’ path-to-purchase.  

In our 2018 Influencer Marketing & Relations Measurement playbook, we share the latest benchmarks and best practices in this five-step framework for influencer marketing measurement, including how to:

  • Measure influencers' value to marketers
  • Unlock influencers' full potential to organizations
  • Quantify the business performance of influencer marketing programs 


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