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How Rosefield's Influencer Marketing Strategy Drove 167% ROAS Across 7 Global Markets


While influencer marketing was born from the fashion and retail industries – few brands have influencer marketing in their DNA. Built on social media, Rosefield’s influencer marketing strategy has been essential to the brand from the start.

“Founded only three years ago, influencers have been part of our strategy from the beginning with our focus on macro-influencers, activating about 20 per month for every market,” said Victoria Barbet, Influencer Marketing and Relations Manager. “Back then, it was two people, emailing agents, sending product and judging performance by engagements and likes. We worked with over 20 Excel files to track everything.”

Rosefield used the Mavrck platform to implement a solution that expanded its influencer marketing program across its key markets (France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, UK and US) without compromising its signature brand aesthetic.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How Rosefield's integrated, always-on recruitment strategy expanded its international Ambassador community to over 45k influencers in three months.
  • How Rosefield scaled its influencer activations 4x across seven international markets.
  • How Rosefield increased sales attributed to influencer marketing by 400%, for a 167% return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).