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How Express Ambassadors Drove 168% Return-On-Investment in Online & In-Store Sales 


There are no fashion missteps when you express your style on your own terms. How Express Ambassadors brought a new definition of style to life: their own. 

Express’ influencer strategy was borne from the insight that their customers now live in an influence-augmented reality, where influence is not just a touchpoint on the path-to-purchase – it is the path-to-purchase.

Yet, as consumers continue to grow wary of celebrity and social media star endorsements alone, marketers can no longer rely on them alone as the foundation of their influencer marketing efforts. Coinciding with this dynamic, marketers are also increasingly reliant on influencer content to power their owned and paid media strategies. Express needed micro-influencers, employees, and influential customers whose more genuine, trustworthy content, when scaled across key touchpoints, could better accelerate consumers’ purchase decisions online and offline.

Express brought the idea to life by re-defining influence in the context of their customer: identifying and activating relevant influencer, employee, and consumer ambassadors to bring the “New Definition-of-Work” message and styling to market.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How Express scaled its Ambassador program 11X 
  • How Express developed its tiered influencer marketing strategy, incorporating macro-influencers, micro-influencers and its store associates. 
  • How Express measured the performance of its Ambassador program, resulting in 168% ROI through in-store and online sales. 


About Mavrck

Mavrck is the leading all-in-one influencer marketing platform enabling companies such as P&G, Kraft Heinz, and Express to harness the power of ideas people trust. Marketers use Mavrck to identify and activate influencers, influential employees and customer advocates to create authentic insights and content for customer experience touchpoints at scale. Using its self-service influencer manager, marketers can take an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing.

Founded in 2014, Mavrck is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Denver, New York City, and Chicago, has 60 employees, and has raised $13.8M in venture capital. The platform has been recognized for its superior offering by the Shorty Awards, Retail TouchPoints’ Retail Innovator Awards, and earned 'Best Influencer Marketing Platform' by Digiday in 2018. Mavrck was also named a “Strong Performer” among the top emerging influencer marketing platforms in Forrester’s evaluation, The Forrester New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions, Q4 2018.