Influencer Marketing by Demographic:

Gen Z

Learn key takeaways about Gen Z that can help inform and optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

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 Influencer Marketing by Demographic Series: Gen Z 
Does your brand want to connect with Gen Z? See how to engage with this rising demographic..

Preferred social media networks (Where is Gen Z?) 
• TikTok: Highest rate of Gen Z viewers and creators
• Instagram: Second highest rate of Gen Z viewers and creators
• Youtube: Favorite of Gen Z and growing with YouTube Shorts
• Twitch: Favorite among Gen Z boys/men

Popular Content Categories (What content does Gen Z engage with?
• Humor/comedy
• Dance/viral trend videos
How to’s/tutorials/lifehacks
• Social activism
• Gaming
• Fashion

Top Gen Z Influencers (Who does Gen Z care about?)
• Celebrities
• TikTok Stars
• Gamers

Gen Z opportunities for marketers
• Gen Z is the easiest generation to reach on social media
• More likely to make in-app purchases
• They are vocal about their interests and brands that support them

Gen Z challenges for marketers
• They hold the least wealth - for now
• They won't hesitate to drop a brand
• They don’t respond well to disruptive traditional advertising

Key Takeaways
 • Drive shoppable features with witty content and forward-thinking creators
• Think outside the box with innovative briefs for content
• Go where Gen Z is and watch closely to anticipate the newest trends
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