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How to Power Your Next Campaign with Influencer Marketing

81% of brands say influencer marketing is effective.

Will you be one of them? 

Truth is, it is harder than ever before to engage with your customers where they are and how they spend their time. With the mass adoption of social media and ad blocking technologies, the conversation has flipped – consumers today have multiple channels to express their opinions, as well as control over how and when they decide to interact with brands. For the forseeable future, marketers are not in complete control in how their brand is messaged to and adopted by the masses. 

Fortunately, influencers today have a lifetime's worth of social capital that marketers can harness to impact the buying behaviors of others. From celebrities ambassadors to your own customers, each has a critical role in how your brand and products are communicated to consumers – blog posts and reviews are only the beginning.

Our 7 Step Guide to Influencer Marketing, is your action plan for creating and executing successful influencer marketing programs. Learn why influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing strategy today – and the seven steps you can take now to maximize its potential, including how to:

  1. Choose your objective 
  2. Decide which type(s) of influencers to use
  3. Structure your influencer program
  4. Determine your best influencer source
  5. Create a content strategy
  6. Measure success
  7. Evaluate influencer marketing platforms