A Step-by-Step Guide to Influencer Marketing Platforms

The increase in the number of influencer marketing platforms available has grown 85% YoY. 

In our 2016 State of Influencer Marketing survey, we learned that 80% of senior-level marketers are planning to use influencer marketing in the next year. Yet in spite of this growth in popularity and the technology available, 55% of marketers still rely on spreadsheets to manage influencer marketing execution.

While the marketers surveyed believe in the power, scalability and cost efficiency of influencer marketing, only 22% were investing in technology partners to help manage it. 

As the adage goes, it takes one to know one. Whether you're managing a blogger network or working to activate influencers of your own, here's our guide to bridge the divide.

What you'll get:

How do you begin choosing the right platform for your brand and influencer marketing strategy? We've compiled this step-by-step ebook to make finding an influencer marketing platform as easy as possible, including: 

  • What you should know before you start your search
  • The types of influencer marketing platforms available
  • Core features and workflows 
  • 6 ways to evaluate influencer marketing software
  • Platform evaluation checklist and comparison worksheets