Influencer Marketing Guide:

Holiday Campaign Planning Tips

Learn secrets to influencer marketing success that will enhance your customer's shopping experience.

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Slide 2: The holidays are around the corner.

  • Use this video to plan the most effective holiday campaigns.


Slide 3: Reach out early: Start influencer outreach in September or October, the earlier the better.

  • More time to negotiate with creators
  • People start shopping for holidays in November
  • November posts can be repurposed in December


Slide 4: Focus on specific products: Use your campaign to promote products aligned with holiday gifting.

  • Example: Cosmetic brands = gift bundles
  • Larger focus on conversions than brand awareness
  • Group your products to create bundles
  • Create gifting personas (gifts for her/him/them/kids)


Slide 5: Inventory planning: Make sure the inventory of gift products is higher than normal.

  • Prepare for Black Friday
  • Ensure you don't run out as holidays approach
  • Coordinate with your vendors early
  • Keep detailed and accurate inventory status


Slide 6: Promotions: Influencers should have specific deals to reference in their content with more focus on the promotion than brand awareness.

  • Influencer brief messaging should be specific
  • Create simple promotion messaging ("BOGO, spend $100 get 15%")
  • Highlight limited time offer for holiday gifting


Slide 7: Use full marketing funnel: Your campaign should be a piece of your "Holiday Marketing Funnel" with specific goals that the campaign should accomplish.

  • Top-of-funnel: Use mix of macro/micro-influencers to promote brand awareness through content
  • Middle-of-funnel: Use advocate testimonials to create consumer trust
  • Bottom-of-funnel: Use referral links and ratings/reviews to drive conversions


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