Why Enterprise Brands Choose Mavrck to 

Scale their Influencer Marketing Programs

Learn how Mavrck empowers brands to automate & scale their influencer marketing strategy.

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Why Enterprise Brands Choose Mavrck to Scale their Influencer Marketing Programs

Are you looking for an influencer marketing platform that will automate reporting & save your brand’s influencer marketing team valuable time? 

Do you need to show the value of activating creators as part of your influencer marketing strategy & prove ROI to your boss?

See what social media and influencer marketing managers from top enterprise brands are saying about Mavrck.

Quote 1:

"Their UX/UI is one of the best I've ever worked with and very functional for our needs. The level of automation they offer is extremely helpful for someone like myself, who manages a company’s influencer efforts on their own.”  - Kevin H. (Influencer Marketing Specialist, Veterans United Home Loans)

Quote 2:

"From a business perspective, we are able to work with both micro and mid-tier influencers who are able to engage a lower funnel audience who actually buy product. Mavrck (...) has given us access to thousands of influencers who have very high engagement rate and an active following.”  - Adriana H. (Associate Digital Marketing Manager, George Foreman, BLACK+DECKER)

Quote 3:

"We are able to reach new audiences and garner awareness for our products. We have also been able to generate product reviews for new products and are now starting to develop long term relationships as part of our ambassador program" - Caroline D. (Digital Marketing Manager,  CLIF Kid & Luna)

From influencer marketing to trusted social proof: Mavrck empowers brands to automate & scale:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Referral programs
  • Focus groups & surveys
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Ambassador programs
  • Full stack content creation


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