5 Ways Brands & Social Platforms

Help Creators Monetize

Learn the top ways that brands and social media platforms can help creators earn revenue.

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Content creators can monetize their work in a number of ways. Keep watching to learn how brands & social media platforms can help creators earn revenue.

Method #1: Sponsored content.

Brands pay creators to generate content featuring their product or service. Sometimes multiple brands will activate creators together in a cross-brand collaboration. These collabs can be one-off campaigns or long-term partnerships, such as an ambassador program.

Method #2: Affiliate programs.
Creators share custom URLs pointing to a brand’s product page & they receive commission every time a consumer clicks the link to make a purchase. 

Method #3: Digital storefronts.
Creators can sell their own products or a brand’s products via an affiliate program — for example, via Shopify or Google’s Qaya. 

Method #4: Advertising revenue.
Creators place ads on their videos or websites, usually paid on a CPM basis — especially popular within YouTube videos & blog content.

Method #5: Platform-specific creator funds.
Creators receive money if they properly adhere to social media platform guidelines when generating content & posting on that platform.

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