How Chobani Leveraged Mavrck to Partner with Twitch Streamers & Drive Benchmark-Exceeding Views  

Learn how the Chobani team partnered with Mavrck to achieve their campaign goals—
working closely with specific influencers and driving engagement.

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Video Transcript:

  • Chobani
What and Where? 
Partnered with Twitch creators for the first time, asking them to: 
  • Stream a live demo of the Chobani® Oatmilk Cosmic Race on Roblox
  • Promote Chobani® Oatmilk throughout the stream
  • Produce a highlight video on Twitch
  • Post on Instagram and Twitter for added exposure

  • Summer 2022
  • Reach the “New Age Flexitarian” persona via engagements and views
  • Younger Millennials or older Gen Zers
  • More likely to be spending time on the internet or gaming
  • Currently using or would use both dairy and non-dairy milk options
  • Tie into Chobani’s overarching “Oatmilk Everywhere” campaign
  • Drive donations for Hunger Free America

  • Source a select group of Twitch streamers
  • Develop a clear, detailed creative brief
  • Initiate a thorough content review process 
  • Communicate closely with all creators
  • Track all progress with a detailed checklist
  • Fulfill all influencer payments


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