Ask The Creators:

Live Stream Shopping

Learn how creators feel about partnering with brands on live stream shopping campaigns. 

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What is live stream shopping?

  • [Define it] Products & services are showcased & sold via a live stream hosted on a social platform [F6] (6s)
  • Live shopping is wildly successful in Asia & gaining popularity in the U.S. [F7] (4s)

Here’s what we learned.

INSIGHT #1: 67% of respondents are open to working with brands on a live stream shopping collab.

Your move: Beat the competition by being the first to partner with niche creators.

INSIGHT #2: 89% of respondents have yet to participate in a live stream shopping brand partnership. 

Your move: Don't be afraid to try something new and get creators involved. It's time to innovate! 

INSIGHT #3:  47% of respondents say that Instagram is their go-to live stream shopping platform. 

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