Ask the Creators: Brand Ambassador Programs

Learn what 400 surveyed creators have to say about brand ambassador programs and why they want to be a part of them.

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REPORT - Ask the Creators: Activating Brand Ambassador Programs

Research Methodology 

  • Our “Ask the Creators” reports provide industry leaders with relevant, data-backed insights around influencer trends, behaviors, & perspectives. 
  • We survey hundreds of U.S.-based creators who are popular on various social networks & span different content verticals.  
  • With a strong pulse on the influencer marketing industry, content creators unlock valuable insights to help inform brand strategies. 

Before we dive in… What is an ambassador program? 

  • It involves reactivating top performing content creators over a longer term period of time & on a regular basis. 
  • It allows marketers to establish stronger, long-term partnerships to build consistent trust with creators’ audiences. 

INSIGHT #1: 84% of respondents say they want to team up with brands for long-term ambassador partnerships instead of one-off campaigns.

Your move: It’s clear what creators want Take your partnerships to the next level by offering long-term ambassador opportunities. 

INSIGHT #2: 61% of respondents have indicated they’ll be participating in between 1 and 4 ambassador programs in 2022. 

Your move: Stay competitive by launching your own ambassador program! 

INSIGHT #3:  79% of respondents have said they offer a discount off normal rates for long-term collaboration partnerships. 

Your move: Always offer creators fair payment, and also remember that ambassador programs help brands achieve greater ROI. 

 Looking for steps to build a successful ambassador program plus some brand examples? Download our Guide to Ambassador Programs. 


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