Activating the Full Spectrum of Influence

Learn how your brand can think beyond traditional influencers and optimize its influencer marketing strategy.

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Mavrck Activates the full Spectrum of Influence

What is the spectrum of influence?
Many influencer marketing platforms will activate Macro- or Micro-influencers, Mavrck empowers brands to think beyond traditional influencers and activate any person that touches your brand anytime, anywhere.

We believe every person that touches your brand has influence and can be utilized to achieve your brand goals.

Macro Influencers - earn their living as a content creator (celebrities, YouTubers, journalists)

Micro Influencers - Have a side hustle creating content and aspire to become a macro someday

Advocates - consumers and employees who don't produce high-quality content often but will do so for brands they are passionate about.

Referrers - Share if the incentive is right but will put in limited effort (think copy and paste a link)

Loyalists - Love your brand and purchase regularly but will likely never share

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