4 Common Influencer Marketing Campaign Mistakes

(And how to overcome them!)

Avoid these mistakes to get more quality content and improve the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns. 

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4 Common Influencer Marketing Campaign Mistakes

While running an influencer marketing campaign, unexpected challenges can pop up. 

Fear not! Here’s how to avoid common pitfalls enterprise brand marketers can face.

Mistake #1: Selecting the wrong influencers.

  • Don’t be too picky — target a diverse group of creators, then curate those applicants.
  • Find influencers who create quality content that matches your brand identity so that IGC can be repurposed.

Mistake #2: Offering the incorrect incentive. 

  • Make sure the incentive or payment matches the requirements & chosen channel. 
  • Work with a partner like Mavrck to leverage industry benchmarks to help determine influencer payments.

Mistake #3: Being too restrictive with the campaign brief. 

  • Give influencers creative freedom to generate authentic content. 
  • The more restrictions in content guidelines, the more difficult it can be to source influencers willing to accommodate your requirements. 

Mistake #4: Setting unrealistic content requirements.

  • Don’t require too many posts over a short period of time. Remember, creators have content calendars too!
  • Be mindful of the time it takes to create different types of content & offer fair incentives accordingly. 

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