3 TikTok Dos And Don'ts

Learn how brand marketers can best utilize TikTok in their influencer marketing strategies.

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 TikTok Do’s and Don'ts for Brand Marketers

The Influencer Marketing hub report found 45% of respondents use TikTok for influencer marketing and that the engagement received on TikTok was higher than on Instagram

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  1. Do create your brief for TikTok specifically - Avoid repurposing messaging from campaigns that focus on other platforms. [F3] (17w - 5s)
  2. Do keep it simple - Create challenges or campaign concepts that are straightforward and leave room for creativity. [F4] (17w - 5s)*
  3. Do base campaigns off culturally-relevant topics - Leverage hashtags, challenges, sounds, and songs to align with this content. [F5] (16 w 5s)
  4. Do work with creators that match your brand’s voice, tone, and values - but don’t be afraid to find outside-the-box creators. (21w - 7s)***
  5. Do have fun - Don't be too serious, see how your brand’s voice comes to life on the platform. [F7] (5s)* [17w - 5s] *****


  1. Don’t stifle creative freedom - Creators are experts on what content will perform best, trust their input on concept ideation. 
  2. Don’t focus on sales or conversion with an organic campaign and partnerships - Focus on driving awareness, engagement, and starting conversations that matter. 
  3. Don’t be too rigid with planning - Ensure your content is culturally relevant when launched.
  4. Don’t think of TikTok as a one-off tactic - Integrated approaches across various networks and media formats work best!

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