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Feelin' Fancy: How Micro-Influencers Elevated Hershey's Caramels Launch


How often have you purchased a product after seeing a friend's social post?

Research has shown that 83% of consumers trust and act on content from friends and family over ads. With the landmark launch of Hershey’s Caramels, the leading chocolate brand in the U.S. entered an increasingly competitive gourmet chocolate market – starting with the customers who impact their peers the most.

The Goal: Drive awareness and purchase consideration among women, 18-49 years old, during launch period.

Our Solution: Discover and activate 6,000 relevant micro-influencers to create branded content and drive traffic to Hershey's Caramels destination site.

Hershey's micro-influencers generated 13k social posts and drove over 60k consumers to the Hershey's Caramels destination site during the launch of the #FeedYourFancy campaign. In doing so, Hershey's also amplified awareness by 55% and purchase consideration by 450% among their influential customer segment.  

Download the case study to learn how Hershey's micro-influencers made this campaign special by adding their own dash of fancy, amplifying messaging to their friends and exceeding all KPIs during this sweet product launch.